Step by Step Instructions for Registering Employees on the myAccount System.


    Following the launch of the new PAYE Modernisation system on the 1st of January 2019, employers must now calculate and report their employees' pay and deduction in real time, on or before payment is made. Employers have until the 14th January 2020 to submit corrections. After this date employees will no longer receive a p60. Instead they will be directed to the Employment Details Summary (EDS) section in myAccount to access their tax information.

    With myAccount taxpayers can see up-to-date information on their pay, income tax, universal social charge (USC), PRSI, local property tax (if it is being paid through salary) and their pension. Employees benefit from improved accuracy, ease of understanding and transparency of the PAYE system. This should result in fewer people overpaying their tax.

    We recommend that you share the below guide to all employees (existing and new). This simple document will allow them to update their current employment details. To complete the process employees will need to know:

    • Employer’s tax registration number
    • Start date
    • Pay frequency
    • Work or personnel number (if available)


    Download your guide to My Account



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