Thank You Payroll Workers

    A Big "Thank You" To Our Payroll Professionals


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    As we reach the end of Global Payroll Week, I think it is important to acknowledge the fantastic work being done by payroll professionals the world over who are keeping our workforces paid.

    I have been truly overwhelmed by the selflessness and resolve of Irish workers over the past few weeks. Whether it’s the news of more than 60,000 people responding to a HSE call for healthcare workers to assist in the response to the crisis, or the many individuals and companies who have set to producing much needed Personal Protective Equipment for our frontline staff, all over the country we are witnessing humanity at its best. And the same can be said of payroll departments and payroll companies the world over.

    Although not always considered as such, payroll processing is playing a crucial role in maintaining people’s livelihoods during the coronavirus pandemic. As with so many other essential services, it is very easy to take for granted the money that arrives into your bank account. And if I didn’t work in payroll I don’t think I would have spared a thought for the process of how this gets done or the people who do it. But getting paid is not just a business function!  It is critical to sustaining us. Employees need to be able to rely on being paid on a consistent basis and payroll professionals the world over have recognised this fact. They fully understand the importance of their role and have demonstrated a remarkable professionalism in getting the job done ensuring that nobody is let down.

    I have been fortunate enough to witness first-hand the outstanding levels of dedication in ensuring that accurate and timely payrolls continue to be processed. And under current circumstances that is no mean-feat. At no other time have payroll professionals been subject to such challenges. Rapidly changing legislation, drastic changes to employee statuses and remote working are just a few of the many obstacles payroll processors are dealing with. But they are dealing with them, spending the long hours reading and interpreting the new regulations, learning and utilising the new frameworks and software fixes, updating the countless changes to employee status and entitlements and all the while managing to isolate and support their families. It is a fantastic achievement, one that makes me proud to work in such an industry.

    So with that said, I would like you to join me in celebrating payroll professionals around the world who are doing a brilliant job during the Coronavirus pandemic. And as always, Paycheck Plus will continue to support those organisations in need of help with their payroll processing throughout the pandemic.

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