How does the payroll service work?

    Our mission is "Making Payroll Easy". Following the initial consultation, all you have to do is forward the necessary data by fax, post or e-mail, and leave the rest to us. As an experienced payroll bureau we take care of entering your periodic details, updating amendments to employee details, calculating the correct amount of PAYE and PRSI, and any other deductions (e.g. PRSA's, Pensions, Union Dues, VHI or BUPA Payments, etc.) or additions (e.g. bonus, expenses, holiday pay, public holiday entitlements, etc.) for each payroll period. We can arrange transfer of funds from your selected bank account to your employee bank accounts, give you the breakdown of payments by cheque, or if you prefer, we can provide you with a detailed cash requirement summary. At Paycheck Plus we file your P30's, P45's and P35 (year end details) to the Revenue Commissioners through the ROS (Revenue On-Line Service) and take care of registering your starters and leavers (P45s). We also provide you with customised reports for your Accounts System and Financial Management team to satisfy even the most stringent audit.

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