Outsourcing Survey Results 2010

    A recent survey on Outsourcing conducted by Mazars confirmed some interesting results. In summary, almost 90% of the organisations partaking in the survey believe that outsourcing adds value to their organisation. Over the past year, the use of outsourcing has stayed the same or increased in 80% of cases with cost savings being the primary objective. Having access to skills and knowledge not available internally, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency are the most common reasons to outsource.

    The most popular outsourcing category was Finance, accounting and payroll with 62% of organisations surveyed currently outsourcing these functions. Other areas outsourced include Customer Service/Call Centres, IT Services, Web Hosting and Transaction Processing.

    Almost two thirds of those surveyed indicated that the current economic climate had not changed their view of outsourcing and those organisations who outsource in order to achieve cost savings are more likely to consider outsourcing in the next 12 months. The results indicate that organisations that outsource to have access to skills not available in-house “appear to require these services regardless of external economic factors”.

    The topic of outsourcing has had considerable media coverage since the start of this year. Over the past few weeks we have been invited on several occasions to outline the benefits of outsourcing in the national media. We attach a sample of the articles here if you would like to read more.

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