PAYE year on

    PAYE Modernisation was introduced at the start of 2019 and was arguably one of the biggest changes to happen in payroll. Its introduction was to make sure Revenue, employers and employees have the most accurate, up to date information relating to pay and statutory payroll. This ensures the correct amounts of Income Tax, Pay Related Social Insurance, Universal Social Charge and Local Property Tax are:

    • Deducted at the right time
    • Deducted from the right employees
    • Paid by employers

    It has improved accuracy, ease of understanding and transparency of the PAYE system for all stakeholders.

    What are the benefits

    For an employer:

    • Seamless integration into payroll
    • Minimise employer cost to comply
    • Abolition of P30s, P45s, P60s and end of year returns.
    • Right tax paid on current due dates.
    • Time savings

    For an employee:

    • Simplified online services
    • Maximise use of entitlements
    • Automatic end of year review
    • Real time accurate data
    • Transparency

    For Revenue:

    • Statutory in-year return
    • Making compliance easier
    • Accurate up to date income details
    • Reduced customer contacts
    • Timely targeted interventions

    Was it successful?

    PAYE modernisation can be considered a success with a number of improvements affecting both employers and employees including:

    • Improvements and streamlining of business processes making it easier to deduct and pay the correct amount at the right time
    • Reduction of the administrative burden previously experienced by employers in meeting their PAYE reporting obligations
    • Reduction in errors
    • Access to real time information for employers and employees
    • Employee have more control over their tax affairs

    Although it was a daunting notion this time last year, the preparation and time spent on making the change over as seamless as possible really has paid off.

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