Revenue Audit

    Revenue Audit –

    Every employer needs to keep a full and accurate record of their business. These Records need to be kept for a period of 6 years. A Revenue audit covers, income tax, corporation tax, and returns submitted in respect of VAT, PAYE/PRSI or Relevant Contracts Tax.

    How are taxpayers selected for audit –

    There are three methods of selection which are

    • Screening Tax Returns – this involves Revenue examining the returns and reviewing their tax compliance history.
    • Projects on business sectors – Projects are conducted to examine tax compliance levels.
    • Random selection – This means that all tax payers have a possibility of being audited.


    What is involved in an Audit –

    • The auditor will explain the purpose of the audit and an indication of the length of time it will take to complete
    • The auditor will ask if you wish to outline any inaccuracies in your tax return
    • The auditor will inspect your records and confirm figures have been correctly filed and the tax declarations are exact
    • If the auditor finds the majority of returns correct you will be notified
    • If the auditor finds that adjustments are required, this will be discussed verbally with you and also be notified in writing.
    • The auditor will ask for your agreement to the total settlement figure before finalising.
    • Once agreed, the full amount should be paid to the auditor who will issue a receipt

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